Interviewing is a technique i have used a lot within my placement position from magazine editorial to quotes for publications etc.  I am currently updating this page, so there is more to come.

A quick link to my quote on Behind the Spin online PR student magazine:

Amanda Fox, another placement year student, sums up the benefit of face to face networking: “When you are networking face-to-face, such as at events, you meet a wide range of individuals who will notice you for the person you are – not by your qualifications or CV. Therefore be yourself, show confidence and you never know what may come out of it.”
Licensing Matters Magazine

Is a magazine produced by the City Council for local taxi drivers. I interviewed a lady who is teacher training for a new course. After the interview, i wrote up the feature for the magazine. See link below, and view page 7 for the interview with julie McColgon.

Licencing Matters

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