IIFA Bangkok, Thailand… It was all about Bollywood

Travelling beyond the boundaries to Bangkok…

A personal journey of growth and development.

“Their contribution to the IIFA Weekend drew praise from the organisers, and the results of their efforts were viewed by an audience of over 60 million people from around the globe.”

Spending my summer break from university in Thailand was one of the most inspirational and life learning opportunities i have ever been given. It was down to my University that i must thank for opening up the horizons and allowing such a project of this scale to be organised.

And what a success it was!

70 students had been hand picked through interviews and team building activities to fly to Bangkok for two weeks and volunteer on the International Indian Film Awards (the bigger equivilant to our hollywood Oscars). The relationship had been built with the unoiversity through Wizcraft – events management, when the awards were held in Yorkshire the previous year.   The volunteering position and meeting the celebrities! We had no idea what roles were going to asigned to us before we got out there, and working with the events team showed how off the hook and fast paced their work really was. The only advice and guidence into what i had signed up to was – make yourslef known and jump right in there… I took this on board and luckly got myself a role in a great position… (not that i knew this until the event really got warmed up, as i was slightly upset that i didn’t get in with the international pr team that was working alongside the event) However my role included working behind the main stage of the award ceremony.

My work behind stage & learning the challenges between language barriers.

Online work from the iifa project:

The Land of Smiles – Reflection

Best iifa Personal Reflection

PR Perspective on our experience



Working back stage

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