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This is India… TII

I have recently returned from a holiday or some may call it more of a ‘travelling experience’ from India. The advice I was given before we went was “nothing will prepare you for what you will see and smell there”, and this statement couldn’t have been more accurate.

So we could see as much as ‘real’ India as possible, alongside having some chill out time in Goa we packed as much into our two week adventure as we could. Flying straight into Delhi we drove straight to Agra to visit to Taj Mahal, then visited Ranthambore National Park for a safari, and on our third day we traveled to the Holy village of Pushka for a three day stay. After our blessing in the Holy Lake and a vast amount of purchasing of elephant themed presents we took a taxi up to Jaipur to stay with our friend who owns a hotel in the city. He become our guide for our three day stay and took us around all the top sites and underground clubs. Jaipur flew by and our next destination was back up to Delhi on an India train (we had to choose 1st class!), to prepare for our flight down to South India’s hot spot – Goa. It was defiantly a well needed destination after all the action in North India – so chilling by the beach, pool and exploring the bays on our £1.50 per day scooter was a bliss.

Any who is interested in going to India – I would recommend it, but you need to be prepared for what awaits you before you go. If you are after an eye-opening adventure and a chance to increase your understanding of different cultures, places and people then this will be for you. One thing you notice immediately is the vast range between the very rich and the very poor. Their laid back culture means that somethings can’t always go to plan, so the best advice I can give is to chill out and think ‘TII – This is India’ and expect no more. It’s certainly a different experience to a normal holiday but one which I am glad to have added to my list of places I have visited.  Here are a few photos from our trip – TII – This is India!!

Making the ‘Pitch’ – How do you do?

I read a brilliant article on PR Week today explaining how important it is for PR’s to make sure they get that crucial ‘PR pitch’ right.

It is important not to pass the pitching role over to your interns because you think you don’t have time, as in a PR role this is one of the most crucial parts. Journalists are looking for good stories, so make sure you take the time to look into their needs, the publication purpose and audience, read the journalists past features and fit a story together for them.  It is important that your clients stories and news fits the publications you are pitching to – be selective, there is nothing worse than trying to sell a story in at mass. Also, make sure that your story is timely, fits with current news or developments and is of relevance to the publications readers. A great tool is to help assist with this is Gorkana or the free website called

PR Executives, I recommend reading this feature on PR Week which includes good advice from both PR’s and Journalists.

A revolution is really happening…

I have spent the past two days at a social media workshop, learning so much more about the world of social media. I think that if you need something to sum up the importance of social media to any clients, or just any jo bloggs who believes its all for geeks, then you should show them this video. It certainly made me gasp a few times… interesting!

It is from a company blog called

The bike challenge…

So in a few weeks I am off to Pembrokeshire in South Wales where my partner’s family lives. He is a triathlete and his parents are extremely sporty (so much outdoors to explore in Wales – why wouldn’t you be!), so from this, I have ever so kindly been entered into a 20mile charity bike race!

So, during my unfit studying months at university I lacked any regular training – except the odd late night moves on the dance floor down in Leeds’ funky bars. Therefore, I am on a mission to succeed in my new ‘hobby’… if you call it that – but it can make riding a little horrid bike in the gym seem more manageable.

Wish me luck! 4 weeks and counting…

Training… For the Manchester Bupa Run

Well it has been hard work… but finally the time is here. Sunday 17th May will be the day which will challenge and prove whether I worked hard enough or not!!

But then again, why be so hard on yourself when it is all in the name of chairty… And i am very please with the amount of funds I have rasied… so thank you everyone who sponsored me!

Roll on Sunday!! But roll away rain…