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‘This Girl Can’… Every Girl Can Campaign

Sport England has created a new campaign video entitled This Girl Can which is been aired on TV during peak times and the chat online has been very reactive. The lottery funded campaign was designed on the back of recent research which concluded that 2 million fewer women than men do less regular sport.

The video is a celebration of women across the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get. The campaign which is aimed at women from between14 to 40 years old old, it challenges the cultural assumptions about femininity that prevents them engaging in sport and exercise.

The video reminds me of the ‘Like a Girl’ video by Always, in the way it’s empowering women to be able to fight stereotypical boundaries. This is still evident in our generation and it really shouldn’t be, as women are proving they can perform, achieve and as the Olympics showed us, win medals as much as our male counterparts – meaning there are so many inspirational women out there which girls and women can follow and aspire towards.

The video delivers the desired impact and showcases what a well-designed piece of video can do for a campaign, and how it can engage effectively with the target audiences.

However, one issue I see is that the campaign again refers to women as ‘girls’. Is this really the case? All the ‘girls’ featured in the This Girl Can video, are indeed women and I somehow think that referring to them as ‘girls’ again just highlights the stereotype that girls can’t do physical things… ‘You throw like a girl’.

Watch the video here:

I like the video and do hope that this is an inspiration for women around the country to do more whatever their shape. However, I can’t help but think that there should have been more of a focus on sport for friendship, sport for relaxing and well-being for dealing with work stress and the building of emotional strength, in the body and mind. In today’s society, with all the images of celebrities and other influences portraying what the perfect body should look like, I think a focus on mental positivity is just as important to helping ‘girls, women and men’ alike understand the impact physical activity can have.

More on their campaign here:

Rugby… The next step

So following on from the success of the RBS 6 Nations all eyes will be gearing up for the 2015 Rugby World Cup which will be upon us in no time at all.

Plans are already moving into place for businesses and corporates to leverage the opportunities out of the World Cup which will be hosted in the UK. Recent research (YouGov) showed that hospitality options during the World Cup are regarded by 80 % of senior business decision makers as an extremely positive new business and deal-making opportunity for their business and clients.

And proof is in the pudding, as the RFU say hospitality tickets are flying off the shelves in record breaking sales. To make sure they have supply for is demand, the RFU have created the biggest hospitality programme ever seen at any UK sporting event in the UK.

Sponsors will be gearing up their plans for activation around the major event too and with the RFU claiming this will be the biggest event in history, then we can hopefully expect great things and creative outputs from partners. This combination of increased hospitality and sponsor opportunities shows how the sports market is really utilising their assets to create sporting events with business drive at the forefront.

All positive, even if England still have much work to do over the lead-up months…



A Good Day for Red Bull Marketing…

So today has seen both the F1 2012 Korean Grand Prix and the World Record Stratos mission come into the limelight, in which both are heavily associated with energy drink, Red Bull.

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel dominated the 2012 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix to make it a hat-trick of wins in his last three races. Never mind Olympic 10m platform divers… as today at 5pm Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final aired to the world from Oman, showcasing the world best divers elegantly diving off insainly high cliffs (which was won by a Brit!). Not forgetting, of course the live coverage of the space free fall jump by Austrian Felix Baumgartner, saw another incredible sponsorship and marketing campaign by Red Bull which places them nicely in the media headlines, is currently generating an enormous amount of positive comments on Twitter and puts the drinks brand in the forefront of extreme sports and outrageous World Record attempts – allowing them to lead the way in this area of extreme ‘sport’.

I was also watching several Red Bull X-Fighters YouTube videos this afternoon, and once again their presence was noted in this mental sport. A few videos here:

Must learn to Swim, Bike and Run!

Hatch Communications (my agency!), has been appointed by Triathlon England, the national governing body in England to promote its national championship events.

Following a competitive pitch, we have been tasked with raising Triathlon England’s profile around the ‘Triathlon England – National Championship’ events, whilst capitalising on the growth of the sport.

It’s a very exciting client to work on, as I have been involved in triathlons for a while now so it’s great to be working for such a great organisation. We had our first event the other weekend, which went really well and I look forward to moving forward on the future activity!

My agency has been tasked with raising awareness of Triathlon England as an aspirational leader in the sport, whilst also delivering the message that triathlon is accessible for all through the series of targeted events.

Tom Goldspink, communications manager at British Triathlon, said: ‘We are looking forward to working with Hatch Communications, who impressed us with their creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport.  Triathlon is a fast growing, modern and dynamic sport and we are keen to raise the profile of Triathlon England and the opportunities available to take part in the sport.’

Hatch Communications managing director, Jason Madeley, added: ‘It is fantastic to be chosen to work with such a well respected organisation. Triathlon has been a sport of interest within our organisation, so it’s great to be able to put our passions to the test in what is a very exciting year for sport.’

PR Stunt: Tour De France Race

The Tour de France is currently the largest cycling event in the world and is televised and followed by millions of people around the world! For some, this can make the perfect chance to hijack the publicity for PR purposes.

As the throng of cyclists pushed through the third stage, TV cameras revealed an incredible animated stunt by local farmers, reading: “the farmers of the 44th (regions are, according to the Frenchies in the office, recognised by numbers as well as names) are proud to feed you”. Take a look at the video below which better demonstrates just how impressive the effort was. (Courtesy of PR Moment)

Things to consider when managing and planning a sports event!

Last weekend I went to the Slatman Triathlon in North Wales to watch my partner Jonny and his Dad race a grulling 750km swim, 51km bike and 11km run (which included over 1,500ft of climbing). I have now been to many triathlon, cycling and running events around the country, a few of which I have marshaled at. The thing that stood out at the Slateman event, besides the fantastic scenery, was just how well the event was organised.

This experience has prompted me to write a post on factors to consider when executing a successful sporting event. There are many racing events around the country from triathlons, duathlons, cycling sportive, charity runs, the Bupa Great North Run, the Great Swim events and even Midnight walking events. Regardless of the particular event, whether it be cycling or a charity walk, all sporting events seek to raise money for charities, raise awareness of physical activity, promote the sport and make profit or raise charitable funds… and to enjoy the event of course!!

To make the event top notch, I believe you have to consider these following elements:

  • Vibe on the day – Make sure you create a good vibe on the day. It is important to make it interesting for spectaors to watch, alongside creating excitment for those participating. Having a spoksperson is a great way to create this, as they can update you on the event alongside interviewing spectators and getting them involved.
  • Well marshalled event – It is important to have marshalls all the way around your course route in order to make sure participants feel supported and looked after if they needed any help. Event managers don’t want paricipants to not enjoy the route and then not return the following year, so this is very important!
  • Branding – Use your branding well. Make sure spectators and participants both know who organises the events and who their sponsors are. Make sure that people know what other events you hold and when they are. If they enjoy it on the day, they are more likely to sign-up for another of your events than anyone elses.
  • Spectator activities – It’s great to involve spectators into the race / event. Spectators are important to gain support from as they in turn support the participants. So making sure there is somewhere to go if it rains, stalls to buy food and drinks, sponsors stalls, music etc are great ways to keep people happy whist the event is taking place.
  • Photography – Is very important, participants, especially first timers are always keen to purchase good race photo’s! In addition, good photography of your events can be used for marketing and promotional material in order to make the event more successful the following year.

Any more tips are very welcome!