News of the World: The biggest online news

The closure of the News of The World this week has been one of the largest news stories of the decade! But not just through traditional media (TV and papers) but through social media also.

Social media is playing a vital role in influencing the public, influencing the mainstream media alongside allowing audiences to publish their views and lobby on current topics. This was partly the case with recent advertisement pulls from large corporates from TNOW, as audiences voices online heightened and increased in pressure.

It became more and more of a hot topic on social media sites, especially Twitter. The Drum stated: “For Twitter, the closure of the News of the World was big business with around a quarter of a million tweets sent in connection to it, more than the super injunction story at its peak, which has around 80,000 tweets.”

The super-injunction news seems so small compared to the backlash the News of the World story has brought forward.

However, looking over all of this, I do believe that it’s sad that it does seem to be down to the public to make such a noise about what is wrong before anything gets done. Murdock knew about the hacking offenses before the news peaked, and this should have been when the situation was reviewed. It shouldn’t have been left to public outcries and advertisers withdrawing in order to get Murdock to react. But again, this shows the power of social media!

Interesting statistics from The Drum:


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