After the event is over…

Reputation of South Africa after the World Cup

Recent research explained by PR Week looks into changed perceptions of the host country after the World Cup came to a close. This chart shows people believe that South Africa’s ‘enthusiasm and passion’ was the best thing about the World Cup 2010 – which is a fantastic result for any nation branding teams and their tourism departments.

Sepp Blatter, head of FIFA, world football’s governing body, gave South Africa “nine out of ten” for its performance, saying he would happily back any bid it might now wish to make to host the Olympic Games in 2020 or 2024. The Economist

However, some argue that South Africa was substantial at hosting, but not truly successful. There were empty home stands and also games were not full sold out either. Is this the result of the country or the game organizers themselves? This does put more pressure on FIFA and other sporting events to make the right decision in choosing their host destination in future years.

The costs of holding major sporting events verses the effect on the countries reputation and economic in-put must be examined, as holding these types of events does cost the host country a vast amount. However, as the Economist feature states: “… South Africa will benefit too. It has reaped incalculable marketing gains from the 500m spectators around the world who are reckoned on average to have tuned in to watch each of the 64 matches. Nearly half a million foreign fans visited the country, many for the first time, to watch the tournament.

Perhaps the biggest benefit has been the battered nation’s rise in self-respect. South Africans, white and black, are hugely proud of their achievement.”

There is a lot to consider when pitching for events, acting on them and working to keep the legacy afterwords too. This is all part of nation branding… such a fascinating project!


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