Well England are out, but the World Cup carries on… branding

After the knock out match yesterday many England fans may have lost interest in the World Cup for now, and maybe until the next World Cup bearing in mind England’s poor performance. Football aside, it is interesting how hosting the event is such a large process, and one that countries are prepared to go the extra mile to do. Not even out of the World Cup 2010, but Brazil are thinking about 2014 with a ground breaking exhibition in Johannesburg.

Casa Brazil – Sensational Brazil” is been held during the South Africa games. This is an interesting boycott of South Africa’s attempts to host a successful World Cup – not saying it has not been a success, they have received an enormous amount of media attention (both positive and negative might I add) but never the less they still have hosting to do. Brazil have stepped into the South African boarder to publicize their tourism offering for the 2014 games – and with their interest been attracting tourists who love football, they are certainly in the right place to grab their attention.

The exhibition is really showing what Brazil can offer, with partnerships with their federal government – they plan to showcase an exhibition of digital games, shows and real-time intelligence among other innovations.

The exhibition aims to showcase the full range of Brazil’s cultural and natural diversity, profile Brazil as a major industrial manufacturer, producer of leading-edge technology and energy innovation, its contributions and achievements in sports and the stability of its economy and its democracy.

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Brazil understands the opportunities open for hosting the FIFA World Cup and importance of showcasing the country to the world in a positive light.

Every country has its negatives and down factors, and these will always shine through any international event, but making the most of the opportunities available for marketing and PR through destination and country branding is most important. People will remember what the country was like as a host city/destination and this could either generate further opportunities or create a very negative image to the international audience.


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