Facebook… a PR tool or just a confusing and unreliable mess to a PR campaign?

A new post on a former lectures blog about the role and power of Facebook in managing events and other PR activity was extremely insightful in understanding what role these social networking sites can actually play. View the post here: F-Off and Get Real

Students and early PR professionals seem totally addicted to this form of online friendship and communication, that it has become a tool which ‘must be engaged with’ in PR projects and campaigns that practitioners carry out. However, what does a tool such as this actually tell you? I have seen it before, when you set up an event and people are very willing to click ‘yes’ to joining, but do they actually show? Is this just for their online reputation, or do they actually show support for the cause you are promoting? It is a tricky tool to assess and evaluate, but increasingly becoming a main tool to use. Calculating how effective this is in your own PR campaigns can be extremely tricky.

As Richard stated in his blog, the early adaptors are getting fed up of Facebook, maybe I suggest because of its overloading of brands, companies and corporate use, but there will be something new that early adopters will drift over to and maybe there maybe better and more reliable chances of PR campaigns to work within this. So PR pros, you need to keep on top of the social media game!!


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