Last week I have focused on completing my interviews for the ‘Manchester Voices’ pages of the MCR magazine. The two individuals i had to interview were people who had played a large part in the development of the city over the recent years. Initially I knew very little about their roles, therefore before arranging my interviews I had to do my research – otherwise it would be impossible to ask the right questions.

After doing research it is important to take down a set of questions that you plan to ask. These should start by asking the individual about themselves, and fairly easy to ease your interviewee in. I found that the best questions were those which were more ‘open’ questions. It is easier for the interviewee to be lead to answers, and not asked direct questions.

I almost felt in some respects I had taken the role of a journalist… so do these roles sometimes interlink?

I found this link to help with interviewing techniques. Click here! Every time I do more of these, my confidence grows and I develop an understanding on how to manage the interview process. (One of my favourite parts!)

Afterwards, the other fun part is to write the interview up in full! It’s great to see the finish piece.


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