Magazines… they are harder than they look!

Having  joined Marketing Manchester in September 08, they had only produced their first MCR magazine edition. I was lucky enough to help with editorial for MCR2 as the first stages of the magazine process had been completed, it was a case of helping to finish features and articles.

MCR3 is now ready to go to print, after a long but what seems very quick process of getting it completed! Been able to see all the stages of producing the magazine, I have realised what processes must be accomplished – and it ain’t easy!

Work is now full steam ahead for MCR4 and we had our first editorial meeting today between the press and pr team and leisure marketing. (The two main groups who deal with content, editorial and features) I’m very much looking forward to going through this process again… and seeing what has developed and how I can help the company achieve it’s goals!

Past magazines can be viewed at


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